Bianca on Once Upon a Twilight

The Drowning Game can be easily explained as genius. We follow a girl, Petty, through an INSANE journey of uncovering the truth about her past and who she is. Has she been kidnapped and held captive her whole life or just protected from danger?

I can honestly say I have never been taken aback by SO MANY shocking twists and turns in a book. LS Hawker keeps you hooked and wide-eyed. Petty was so easy to like, as was Dekker. We get both of their point of views! Secondary characters are as creepy as they should be. The setting and plot is vivid and amazing!

Petty is the star here though. She is a total bada** and I want to be her. The pairing of Petty and Dekker is the best. She carries him, she outruns him, she protects him! There are a lot of sexist remarks from said secondary creepy characters but Petty defies them all. Female empowerment for the win!

Pick this book up. Pick it up pronto I promise you won’t regret it!!

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