What Happened to Petty’s Dogs


What happened to Petty’s dogs?

I’ve gotten this question so many times, I thought it was time to address it.

Originally, it was explained in the novel, but that part was cut. So here’s the explanation for you dog lovers out there.

Dekker called Uncle Curt from Motel 9 and asked him to go with a vet to Saw Pole to round up Sarx and Tesla and rehabilitate them. Uncle Curt of course complied. Once the dogs learned not to attack everyone who wasn’t Petty, they went to live in Wamego with Uncle Curt, Aunt Rita, China Cat Sunflower, and Bob, until Petty had a permanent residence where she could keep them.

  • Nadine


    Hey there,

    you gave me a hard attack 
    a) for noticing my review
    b) for replying to my review AND my questions about the dogs

    I really loved your book (as you might have figured be the review) and it gave me so much relief to know that the dogs are fine. It is weird how attached I can get to fictional animals 

    Thank you for the journey with Petty, I enjoyed every bit of this story.

    I will pick up another one of your books very shortly!

    Have an amazing weekend and many greetings from Germany


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