Wendy on Wall-to-Wall Books

Very, very suspenseful! This was a seriously twisted case of mistaken identity – probably the best one I have read.

Wow! This did not have the feel of a debut novel. She really felt more like a well seasoned suspense writer to me.

Excellent character development. I loved both main characters – Petty and Dekker, right away. And the cops, they were so horrible, it was great. You loved to hate them.

This is definitely the kind of book you will start reading and not want to put down. The only thing (and the reason for 4.5 stars instead of 5) that I did not like was that both Petty’s and Dekker’s characters were in first person, and there was not labeling. So at times it was really hard to tell who’s turn it was. I wish the author had labeled the chapters and had them take turns. But… seriously that was the only thing I didn’t care for.

Everything else was very well done, a real page turner for sure!

I do hope this author keeps writing, I will be in line for her next book.

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