Nicole on Bless Their Hearts Mom

WOW- you HAVE to get this book, as it is ONLY $1.99 during this tour!

It is such a tour de force, that when you finish it, you will want to be telling everyone about it, casting characters in your mind for a movie (yet knowing no move could really do it justice, a mini series, maybe…) and wanting another book with Petty in it (maybe she goes into law enforcement, like the FBI or NCIS (she is SO Ziva in another life) later in life, maybe?). She is not your normal lead character. She is very flawed, but you want to protect her and show her how to live at the same time. The ending is VERY unexpected and if you can manage to NOT read this book in one sitting, I will be surprised, as you just can’t put it down! If you love great mysteries, with strong characters and superb plot twists, THIS is the book for you!

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