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Couldn’t put it down! A fast-paced and super fun read!

The Drowning Game is such a fun read! LS Hawker is an incredible story teller, weaving a tale of adventure and mystery reminiscent an Anthony Horowitz or Gordon Korman series — only this is for grownups. It’s not often I read a book I can’t put down, but The Drowning Game was one of them! For the last three days, I’ve lived with the two protagonists as if they were family, felt their heart-wrenching emotions as if they were my own, and cheered them on at every unexpected turn (and there were lots of them!). Now that I’ve finished reading, I can’t get these people out of my head! Please, please, please, LS — make this a series! I’m mourning the end of this story like I would a good friend leaving for another country after a truly wonderful visit — which is, of course, the sign of a great book.

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